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10 year anniversary of 4/20/04 Chase

Tuesday April 20 2004In honor of the 10 yr anniversary of this tornado outbreak in Illinois, we finally uploaded our (now converted vhs) video of the chase on that day. Credited as the first chase (not including smaller events) for us.

**yea the audio sucks, our converter only did the video and had to rig up the audio... glad we dont use vhs tapes anymore lol

Erik and Karl head from Marengo to Sheridan and follow a redeveloping supercell into the Sandwich, Plano and Yorkville areas. Using several sources on the phone for updated information at the time we end up watching what would appear as a wall cloud later in the video, before it became too dark to follow the storm. You can hear several times in the video tornado sirens being in the background as we tail the backend of the storm.

The storm did weaken at one point after producing a small tornado outside Sheridan (which we missed driving through town) but redeveloped moving to the northeast towards Plano and Yorkville.Really surprised at how far we have come when I watched this video again.

Our condolences due go out to those who were affected on that date, including the 8 lives lost in Utica, Illinois from an EF-3 tornado.

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