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Storm Chases and other events we documented in 2012
March 17 2012

Very slow moving thunderstorms were crossing Boone and into Mchenry Counties on the morning of mar 17 2012. Erik sets himself up in Huntley and eventually up through Woodstock as the storms progressed.


Severe Thunderstorm Warning / 1.00 hail / very slow moving cells -


Erik (completed 10/01/2013)

  • YouTube Long Shadow
May 20 2012

A line of severe thunderstorms crosses mchenry county, some smaller hail was observed but the main event was dust being blown ahead of the storm across highway 47 between huntley and woodstock


Severe Thunderstorm Warning / 0.50 hail / very slow moving cells -



  • YouTube Long Shadow
July 18 2012

A late afternoon shelf cloud approaches Huntley IL. Not much for a good photo op as it happens nearly 830p. The cells had a great lightning display.


Severe Thunderstorm Warning / -- hail / --


-Erik (completed 10/01/2013)

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