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Storm Chases and other events we documented in 2004
  • YouTube Long Shadow
April 20 2004

Erik and Karl head to La Salle County in pursuit of a group of Tornado producing supercells. This was the same day that eight people were killed in Utica, IL when a tornado struck the town. As for Karl and Erik they finally catchup with the storms near Sheridan and follow the wallcloud till the storm dissipates.


Tornado Warning / -- hail / wall cloud


- Erik / Karl

May 12 2004

Erik and Sean head to Dekalb after some storms.


--- / -- hail / --


- Erik / Sean

May 13 2004

Erik on his way home, encounters a developing severe thunderstorm.  The storm appears to have a wall cloud but quickly dissapates along I-90 not to far from the Elgin IL toll plaza.  In the end some minor hail was also reported (about dime sized).


Severe Thunderstorm? / dime hail / Wall Cloud


- Erik /

May 20 2004

With T storm watch 222 in effect, Erik and Sean head to a friends farm south of Marengo where we record several storms slowly moving across N Dekalb Co.


Severe Thunderstorm? / -- / --


- Erik / Sean / Eric G.

May 23 2004


A significant severe weather outbreak was possible across Iowa, Rich and Erik remain in Marengo where several storms push on through.  Some hail reports in parts of e il, with scattered tornado reports in s wi and parts of will co in il.


-- / -- / --


- Erik / Rich

August 24 2004


Caught off guard by some weak tornadoes the group heads to the McHenry / Bull Valley, IL area were we find the damage path to a tornado. Luckily got the chance with some media to explore the damage up close to some homes of this event.


-- hail / tornado damage to the Bull Valley area


- Rich / Erik / Sean / Liz / Eric

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