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March 15 2016


Following some very important family obligations, Erik makes a run on the line of storms which moved into nc il.  With an enhanced risk for tornadoes and no shortage of warnings to follow up on, he places himself ahead of the line near Kirkland IL.  The line weakens with only Dime size hail falling.


No Advisory / dime size hail / --


- Erik

Storm Chases and other events we documented in 2016
April 25 2016


With a head start, Erik intercepts the first severe warned cell of the day in rural Boone / McHenry counties.  The storm drops pea size hail after all that.  He then opts for a developing cell entering n dekalb county, the cell never becomes warned.


Severe Thunderstorm / dime size hail / --


- Erik

May 28 2016


One of the few severe storms to march across this day happened to be perfect timing as Erik was already at a friends home in Machesney Park where he could watch this line move in.  Some minor wind gusts is all about it gave.

Severe Thunderstorm /-- size hail / windy?


- Erik

June 22 2016


Dave and Erik get a later start on a tornado outbreak in illinois.  Lots of CG, heavy winds, hail, and even a tornado made their day. Seeing a possible funnel se of Sheridan, reported heavy tree and crop damage in Stavenger IL.  Then topping the night off with a tornado near Cissna Park IL.

Tornado Warning / 0.88" size hail / Tornado spotted near Cissna Park IL, heavy tree and crop damage from high winds in Stavenger IL

- Dave, Erik

**Data and Photos are still being gathered on this event, updates coming soon**

June 15 2016


Just after midnight a line of severe storms affects n il, some high winds were expected but nothing really materializes.

TStorm Warning / -- size hail / Windy?

- Erik

July 21 2016


Erik makes a move north west of marengo and then down to the dekalb / kane county border ahead of a large bow of storms.  Some small hail, wind damage and lightning is the best chance of anything out of this.


Severe Thunderstorm / dime size hail / tree damage with flooding in marengo

  • YouTube Long Shadow
July 30 2016


On his way back from vacation, Dave encounters this line of severe storms along I-80 in Nebraska.  High winds and quarter size hail was what was seen.

- Dave

Severe Thunderstorm /1.00" hail /strong winds

September 19 2016


Looking forward to some decent supercells in eastern Iowa, Erik and Karl head to Davenport to wait the developing storms.  However thanks to a heavy cap at 4000ft the storm chase was killed before it even began.

The only storms we got to enjoy were some garden style storms in Rockford when we got back.

- Karl , Erik

--  / -- hail /storms when we got back to Rockford

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