TransitWeather began using its first weather station in 2006, an Oregon Scientific WMR968.  When it was removed from service in 2009 it was boxed up for another day.  During the summer of 2014, we purchased a new Acurite 5in1 unit and it now sends data to our station at KILMAREN1.  The Bloomsky will be operating seperately on KILMAREN12 in 2016. A second Acurite station is in use as a mobile anemometer for the vehicles.

In 2016, TransitWeather was selected to join the Bloomsky Community Outreach Program, the process involved receiving and installing a Bloomsky weather station, skycam, and solar panel system.  Below is the weather and images that our station sends to the Bloomsky network using their app which can be downloaded for free.

July 2019 - update, we began having connection issues with this station and then upgraded our router.  Turns out Bloomsky said in an update it will not work with 5g routers.  However after reinstalling the old router just for the sake of the station it connects and yet fails to transfer data anymore.  We contacted Bloomsky who failed to reply to any of our questions... so as of right now it doesnt work.