Chase Vehicles

The current vehicles which take us on our journeys and adventures...
2008 Ford Focus SE Coupe

since 2009, Richards Focus has been the center of most of our excursions.



Memorable chases:


November 17 2013 - McHenry Co / S Chicago Supercell

2011 - Whitewater, WI Tornado warning

April 2011 - Funnel in Iowa

April 2011 - Solon Ia Tornado Warning

2011 - Arkdale / Friendship Tornado Damage

2011 - N IL Supercell


1998 Honda Civic LX

August 2014 - Present


Erik's daily driver following the 98 neon's passing back in January.



Memorable Chases


2014 - Shelf with whales mouth


2014 Toyota Prius C

2015 - Present


no new information yet



Memorable Chases


not available


Chase Vehicles

Past vehicle that took us on our adventures...
2000 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4

February 2014 - Present


Dave's newest transport... not the most fuel efficient but will be a great hauler.



Memorable Chases


2014 - Roll cloud near hampshire


1998 Dodge Neon Highline Coupe

April 2009 - January 2014


Erik's neon was his primary chase / spotting vehicle from 2009 - early 2014. The car had low miles and sadly met its fate when the timing went at only 62k.


Most known for being there on Siren Days!


Memorable Chases


2013 - Snowstorms

2013 - McHenry Co Hail

2010 - Huntley Shelf

2009 - McHenry Co Shelf


1996 Subaru Outback

2011 - 2014


Was Dave's primary transportation, was replaced by the truck.

1989 Chrysler LeBaron GTC Turbo Coupe

xx - 2013


Between the GP and the Focus came the GTC Turbo Coupe.  Being fans of the 80s and 90s mopars Rich took up this project and it was very useful during the time he had it. When the focus came along it went into storage till recently removed from service.



Memorable Chases


2008 - Kingston Tornado Warning


2003 Ford Taurus SES

2003- July 2011


Was probably the best chase vehicle we had, this poor car tackled most of our better chases but in the end it lost a fight with a fire hydrant  -_-


Memorable Chases



2011 - Dane Co WI Tornado

2010 -

2009 - Large Marengo IL Hail

2008 - Harvard IL Tornado


1994 Plymouth Voyager

October 2005 - January 2009


Great people hauler, this Voyager was freshly off its service as a transport van for the county blood bank.  Clean and well maintained she came to live with Erik in 2005, perfect taking up to 7 people on cross state chases.  Would still be here today if some dumb kids decided not to go drinking and driving and hit it head on late on a snowy day.

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE


2003 - 2007


Before the Focus, was Rich's GP.  This vehicle las we checked in 2013 was still spending its days in the Rockford area.


Memorable Chases


2004 - Bull Valley IL Tornado

2005 - May storms

1987 Plymouth Reliant K LE


2005 - 2005


Maybe not the best in reliability at the time as it was only with us for 4 months, but she was decked out in all the "stuff"... the only chase it could have gone on was the August tornado outbreak in southern wisconsin in 2005 but blew her brakelines out the day before the event so a loaner car took the place that day.


Memorable Chases



1992 Dodge Spirit


September 2003 - 2008


The Spirit was Erik's primary driver and went on several local chases.


Memorable Chases


2004 - Sheridan Supercell

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